Navigating the final stages of your home building process involves several important steps, especially if your lender requires a valuation. Ensuring that you follow the correct procedures can help prevent delays and facilitate a smooth handover.

This post will guide you through the necessary steps to coordinate with your lender, builder, and certifier to obtain the Final Inspection Certificate and complete the valuation process. By following these guidelines, you'll be well-prepared for the practical completion inspection and the final payment stage.Should your lender (if applicable) require a valuation it is important that you adhere to the following advice.

Firstly, contact you lender or broker at the Fixing Stage (once wet area ceramic tiles are completed) and forward to your builder the fax or email of the Lender so we may forward a copy of the Final Inspection Certificate once it has been provided to us (your builder).

The Final Inspection Certificate is obtained once the house has been fitoff (all plumbing and electrical services fitted), the house is habitable for occupation.

This Certifier inspection normally occurs after the house has been cleaned just prior to the Practical Completion Inspection.

Your builder will notify you of the date of the practical completion inspection by way of a letter approximately two weeks prior to the inspection date.

You must advise your lender of this date as soon as possible so they may liaise with their subcontracted valuers so that they have sufficient time to ensure that they will be available the date and time the practical completion inspection is carried out.

Once the valuation has been done it takes approximately four days for the valuation information to be set to the principal lending institution, processed and clearance authorised for release of the final stage payment.

The release of the final payment is also subject to you, the home Owner, singing your acceptance of the release of these funds.

Most builders prefer that your final payment is made by way of a bank cheque presented to the builder at the handover (done onsite at your new home).


In summary, if your lender requires a valuation, it's crucial to follow these steps to ensure a smooth and timely process. Start by contacting your lender or broker at the Fixing Stage and providing your builder with the necessary contact information.

Once your home is fit for occupancy and has passed the Certifier inspection, inform your lender of the practical completion inspection date well in advance. This allows the lender's valuers to be available for the inspection. After the valuation, it takes about four days for the final payment to be processed.

Remember, the final payment release requires your acceptance, and it's typically preferred to be made via bank cheque at the handover. By adhering to these steps, you can ensure a seamless transition to your new home, avoiding unnecessary delays and complications.