We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources, and we frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

001: The QBCC Guide to Standards & Tolerances

002: Removing Stains From Concrete

003: Condensation in Buildings Handbook

004: Footing Performance & Maintenance Guide

005: A Guide to Termite Management Systems

006: A homeowners guide to building & renovating

007: QBCC Consumer Building Guide

008: A guide to domestic building contracts

009: Reducing aircraft noise in existing homes

010: Tolerances for concrete surfaces

011: Homeowners manual for HSTP systems

012: Ceiling support at change of direction guide

013: Wattyl Paint Quality Assurance Record-Keeping

014: CSR Gyprock Residential Installation Guide

015: The Mitek Guide to Truss Installation

016: Technical Data Sheet Pergolas and Carports

017: Pyrda Roof Truss Installation Guide

018: Deck inspection guide

019: Dividing Fences and Trees - Disputes

020: Residential timber fences

021: Residential timber decks

022: Termite management of timber structures

023: AS3740 Waterproofing Visually Explained

024: Timber retaining walls up to 1m high

025: Pryda floor truss installation guide

026: Concrete Block Retaining wall waterproofing

027: QBCC Guide For Preventing Structural Damage

028: Dulux protective coating guide for steel surfaces

029: Simple Truss Installation Guide