Introduction to Lawn Care Maintaining a beautiful home exterior is a year-round endeavor, especially when it comes to lawn care. In Australia, where the climate varies significantly, understanding the nuances of lawn maintenance is key. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to keep your lawn thriving.

Step-by-Step Lawn Maintenance Guide

Regular Mowing and Weed Removal

    • Mowing: Regular mowing is vital. For best results, use a mulching mower to promote healthy grass growth.
    • Weeding: Nighttime is ideal for weeding, as this is when weed seeds germinate. For persistent problems, consider using a targeted weed killer, like Tempra Nutgrass Killer, recommended by agricultural experts. Buy it on Amazon

Fertilizing and Watering

    • Choosing Fertilizer: Select a fertiliser that matches your grass type. For native Australian grasses like kangaroo grass, opt for organic formulas with lower nitrogen levels. For exotic species like buffalo grass, choose fertilizers with a balanced nutrient profile.
    • Application: Use Scott’s Lawn Builder to encourage growth and revive dead patches. A 2.5kg bag covers over 150m² and is cost-effective. Buy it on Amazon
    • Watering: After fertilizing, give your lawn a thorough soak to ensure the nutrients penetrate deeply.

Aerating the Soil

    • Aerating your lawn is crucial for healthy growth. Use a fork or rake to create air pockets in the soil. For a cost-effective solution, consider aerator sandals, which are simple to use and surprisingly effective. Buy a pair from Amazon

Grub Damage Control

    • In Australia, grubs can be a common issue. Check for grub damage by inspecting the soil under your turf. If you find grubs, treat your lawn with an appropriate insecticide before they cause significant damage.

Improving Drainage in Sandy Soils

    • Create drainage holes to manage water retention, especially in sandy soils. Line these holes with sediment fencing material to slow down water drainage.

Advanced Tips for Lawn Care

  • Seasonal Care: Adapt your lawn care routine to the seasons. In the dry summer months, water your lawn deeply but less frequently to encourage deep root growth.
  • Pest Management: Learn to identify and treat common lawn pests specific to your region in Australia.


Lawn care is an ongoing process that requires attention and knowledge, especially in the diverse Australian climate. By following these basic steps and adapting them to your local conditions, you can ensure your lawn remains a beautiful and healthy part of your home all year round.