Moving into a new home can be an exciting time, but it can also come with its fair share of worries. One of the biggest concerns for new home owners is ensuring the safety and security of their property. With crime rates on the rise, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect your home and loved ones.

That's where we come in. In this post we will go over some affordable security solutions are designed to give you peace of mind without breaking the bank. We understand that security is a top priority, which is why we offer a range of options to suit your needs and budget

Invest in a Home Security System

If you're ready to invest in a home security system, consider a monitored system. You can find these online or through local retailers. They're often more expensive than DIY systems, but they come with added benefits and features that make them well worth the cost.

Monitoring: A monitored system will alert you when there's activity at your house and allow you to speak directly with the authorities through an app on your phone or tablet.

Remote access: Some systems allow users to control their devices from anywhere using an app on their smartphones or other mobile devices--no matter where they are in the world.

Intruder alerts: If someone breaks into your house while no one is there (or even if someone enters while you're home), most systems will send an alert so that police can respond quickly before any damage has been done.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

Install window locks or metal cable window restrictors - buy here Amazon

These are a cost effective way to prevent windows from being forced open even if the manufacturer lock gives way. Please note that anything you install to prevent people coming into your home also means you need to consider the effect of stopping you from getting out of your home - in the case of a fire emergency. Always have a designated fire route that all family members are aware of.

Reinforce your doors.

A cheap and simple method to reinforce your external hinge doors is to install one of these door reinforcement locks. They come with extra long screws to penetrate the timber framing behind your door jambs which means they make the door extremely tough and will prevent break ins when engaged.

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Consider Home Automation Security

Home automation systems are a great way to keep your home safe. The technology allows you to remotely control your lights, doors and windows from anywhere in the world. You can also use it for security purposes by connecting cameras that monitor your property 24/7.
Home automation systems are affordable and easy-to-install, so there's no reason not to invest in one if you want an extra layer of protection for your family or business.

Secure your wi-fi network

👉 Change the default password.

👉 Utilise strong encryption.

👉 Use a virtual private network (VPN).

👉 Use a firewall that is properly configured.

👉 Use a honeypot

Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of who is in your neighbourhood. Get to know your neighbours, and invite them over for a barbecue or a game night.

Report suspicious activity, even if it's just an unfamiliar car parked on the street.

Add security cameras

This is one home security solution that works as both a deterrent and a means to get justice. You can get security cameras that are part of a complete home security system, or you can use cameras that work on their own.

If you’re installing security cameras on your own, we recommend getting a system that includes a DVR (digital video recorder). The DVR will let you record and save footage from your security cameras. It also comes with software that allows you to view live footage from anywhere using an app or web browser.


Store valuable items in a safe. The best way to keep your valuables safe is to store them in a secure location that's out of sight and reach of potential burglars. You can buy a safe or install one yourself (if you have the right tools). Install your safe in an area like behind your pantry door, in your laundry behind a false panel. All of these area allow you to securely bolt the safe to the concrete slab which will slow down thieves even if they do find it.

A safe that is fire-resistant, waterproof and heavy enough to prevent its theft are qualities you should look for in a safe.

Some safes have biometric scanners allowing you to access your valuables with a finger scan. These are an excellent choice for those who want to keep their safe close by (in the bedroom, for example).

Keep valuable items out of sight. If there's no way to lock up your possessions, try keeping them out of view by placing them behind closed doors or curtains, or storing them on high shelves where most people won't think to look for them.

Keep Your Home Well-Lit and eliminate hiding places

Install motion-activated lights.

Illuminate dark areas of your home.

Utilise timers on lights.

Trees and shrubs may give your house curb appeal, but they also provide hiding places for burglars. Trim down trees and large plants that are close to the house so nobody can use them as cover.

If you have trees near windows, either remove them or reinforce those windows with extra security.

Secure your garage

Install a garage door opener. If you don't already have one, consider installing one to make it easier to get in and out of your garage.

Install a garage door sensor. This can be another way to secure your home without having to worry about locking the actual door itself when leaving for work or running errands during the day--it will automatically shut itself after detecting motion inside the garage (or if someone walks too close).

Utilise a garage door lock with keypad entry so that only those who have been given access will be able to open it from outside (and vice versa).

Remove the manual over ride tether from the auto unit so thieves cant reach in and unlock the auto unit.

Add a hasp to secure your door to the garage floor slab when its closed for the night. This will infuriate any would-be thieves who attempt to pry the door up from the slab with a pry bar.

Stay Up-to-Date on Home Security News

Subscribe to home security newsletters. These are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest in home security technology, and they can help you learn about new products before they hit the market.

Follow home security accounts on social media. You can also learn about new products by following accounts that specialise in home security news and reviews--and even get some tips for installing them yourself!

Research the latest technology as it becomes available so that you're ready when it comes time for an upgrade or replacement system (assuming this is something you want).


In conclusion, protecting your home doesn't have to break the bank. By prioritising the most important measures and taking action early, you can keep your home and loved ones safe.

Whether you invest in a security system, secure your doors and windows, or install outdoor lighting, a wide variety of measures are available to help you protect your home. So why wait? Start taking action today and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe and secure.

Remember, you don't have to do everything at once. Prioritise the most important measures to you and take action early to keep your home and loved ones safe.

When it comes to home security, there are countless options available to home owners. However, not all security measures are created equal. While some may effectively deter burglars and prevent break-ins, others may be costly and unnecessary.

That's why it's important to evaluate your needs and budget before investing in any security system. By taking the time to assess the risks in your neighborhood and home, you can decide which security measures best suit your needs.