Another week has gone by, and we're just three weeks from Black Friday Sales (yay) and 52 days from Christmas.

This week, we covered (a whole bag load) of various topics, including colour choices and standard allowances, consumer marketing and the five marketing stages, and opinion pieces we're passionate about, like "Why educating consumers is the key to better building quality."

We delved into project management with MoSCow (which is easier to understand than to type). We also touched on legal matters like document signing and progress claims, and toward the end of the week, we ranted a bit about public relations (PR).

Over the next few weeks, we'll be streamlining our topics to focus on specific themes and reducing the number of posts per week (we had too much coffee this week).

Content roundup

Blog posts from the week that was

28-10-2023 Fear, Greed and FOMO: The Emotional Marketing Tactics You Fall For

Discover the psychological warfare marketers wage with your emotions. This post unravels the strategies that prey on fear, greed, and the all-too-familiar FOMO. Learn how to recognise these tactics and make purchase decisions that align with your true needs and values, rather than impulsive reactions. It's a good read for anyone looking to stay in control in a world of constant marketing pressure.


28-10-2023 Beyond the Buzz: How Project Builders Really Use TOF, MOF, and BOF Marketing Strategies

Peel back the curtain on the marketing magic that makes new housing developments seem irresistible. This post delves into the TOF (Top of Funnel), MOF (Middle of Funnel), and BOF (Bottom of Funnel) strategies that project builders use to guide you from casual observer to committed buyer. It's a must-read for any homebuyer who wants to navigate the marketing maze with confidence, understanding each step of the funnel and how it affects your journey to homeownership. Equip yourself with this knowledge to make informed decisions and find a home that truly fits your dreams.


30-10-2023 What are "standard allowances" for colour selections?

Navigate the details of specification choices in home construction with this comprehensive guide. From the basic level to the top tier, understand how each set of builder's inclusions affects the quality, functionality, and appearance of your future home. This article delves into the importance of making informed decisions during the specification selection process, ensuring your dream home comes to life just as you imagine it. Whether you're considering cost-effective essentials or top-notch inclusions, this piece is valuable for aligning your desires with your budget.


30-10-2023 The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness: A Homeowner's Guide to Residential Construction Marketing

Embark on a journey through the five stages of customer awareness in residential construction marketing. This guide for homeowners outlines the path from realising the need for a new home to evaluating the purchase afterwards. It's a strategic roadmap that highlights the importance of understanding each stage—Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Post-Purchase Evaluation. Builders and marketers use these stages to provide targeted information and support to turn prospects into satisfied homeowners and brand advocates. This article offers the insights needed to confidently navigate the marketing process and partner with a builder who truly understands your needs.


30-10-2023 Why Consumer Education Is the Only Solution to Chronic Quality Issues in Residential Construction

This article tackles the persistent problem of quality in residential construction, revealing a stark truth: builders often won't improve unless mandated by regulation. However, the article argues that the real game-changer is consumer education. It explains that builders are compelled to deliver better results when homebuyers are knowledgeable about construction standards and demand higher quality. The article is a clarion call for buyer empowerment, detailing how understanding construction techniques and materials can transform the industry. It's a compelling read for anyone involved in home-buying, stressing that an informed consumer is the ultimate force for improving construction standards and practices.


30-10-2023 What We Know, What We Don't Know, and What We Don't Know We Don't Know

Embark on an intellectual journey into the limits of knowledge with this thought-provoking article. It explores concepts from ancient wisdom to modern scenarios, breaking down 'known knowns,' 'known unknowns,' and the intriguing 'unknown unknowns.' This piece is not just about deep thinking; it's a practical guide to embracing the vast unknown in our daily lives and decision-making. It encourages a mindset of humility and curiosity, urging us to welcome life's unpredictability as a source of wonder and opportunity rather than fear. For those seeking a better understanding of the world and themselves, this article reminds us of the power in acknowledging what we don't know.


31-10-2023 How to Overcome the “3 D’s”: Deny, Deflect and Distract

In the world of home construction, this article highlights tactics some builders might use to avoid responsibility: the 3 D's—Deny, Deflect, and Distract. It's a homeowner's guide to spotting these warning signs and dealing with them effectively. The article provides practical advice on standing your ground, demanding accountability, and focusing on the facts. It emphasises the importance of written records, clear expectations, and following through on agreements. This is essential reading for anyone entering a building contract, giving them the knowledge to keep their project on track and ensure it meets high standards.


31-10-2023 Must-Haves, Should-Haves, Could-Haves, Won't-Haves: Applying MoSCoW to Your Home Project

Learn how to prioritize effectively in your home construction project using the MoSCoW method. This article breaks down 'Must-Haves,' 'Should-Haves,' 'Could-Haves,' and 'Won't-Haves' to help you distinguish between the essentials and the extras. Discover how to focus on the crucial elements that will transform your house into a home, from spacious living areas and functional kitchens to luxurious additions that can wait. Whether you're on a tight budget or have grand dreams, this guide is a valuable tool to keep your project on course without sacrificing your vision. Dive in to ensure your home-building journey is as smooth as possible, resulting in a space tailored to your needs and desires.


1-11-2023 Sharpen Your Critical Thinking: 5 Strategies to Overcome Emotions and Make Better Decisions

Explore the art of clear decision-making with this insightful guide on critical thinking. It offers five practical strategies to help you make precise, confident choices by cutting through emotional reasoning. Learn how to question assumptions, evaluate evidence objectively, and consider various alternatives. This article is a valuable toolkit for those seeking to improve their decision-making skills, providing practical advice on managing emotions and biases to confidently navigate life's challenges. Whether it's a high-stakes project or everyday decisions, these strategies serve as your guide to a more rational and regret-free path forward.


1-11-2023 Checklists, Photos and Site Diaries: Tools to Combat Memory Biases

This article explores the significance of thorough record-keeping during your home construction journey. It addresses the limitations of human memory and cognitive biases that can distort our recollections. It highlights the value of checklists, photos, and site diaries as essential tools to create an accurate account of every detail. Whether it's tracking daily progress, material choices, or important conversations, this guide underscores the need for these tools to maintain a reliable project record. It's a must-read for anyone starting the home construction process, offering practical tips to overcome memory challenges and ensure an accurate record of your home's creation.


1-11-2023 Residential Construction Progress Claims Made Simple (for Builders)

This article simplifies progress claims in residential construction, vital for builders' cash flow and homeowners' payment understanding. It explains progress claims as payments at project milestones, not just one at the end. It guides through claim triggers, preparation, and dispute resolution, emphasising detailed documentation, like value schedules and photos as solid evidence. For builders and homeowners, it's a practical guide for a smooth financial journey through construction, with tips to avoid common issues and resolve disputes proactively.


1-11-2023 Building Better Homes: Value Alignment for Quality and Shareholder Interests

This article makes a strong case for connecting quality home construction with shareholder interests. It explores the balance between building lasting homes and meeting shareholder profit expectations. The discussion shows that quality and profitability can go hand in hand, benefiting builders and buyers. It also covers the ethical duty of builders to prioritize quality, the importance of consumer protections, and the advantages of a robust quality management system. The article encourages builders to see quality as an investment that leads to customer satisfaction, a strong brand reputation, and ultimately, increased shareholder value. It's a valuable read for industry professionals aiming to combine profitability with construction integrity, ensuring homes are both financially successful and long-lasting for homeowners.


1-11-2023 Embracing eSigning: A New Era for Corporate Document Execution in Australia

This article explains a significant change for Australian businesses as eSigning becomes a permanent part of operations due to amendments to the Corporations Act 2001. It explains the shift from temporary pandemic measures to a lasting digital solution that simplifies document execution, including deeds. The article highlights key features of the amendments, such as recognising electronic signatures as valid and eliminating the need for witnesses in deed execution. It also mentions ASIC's role in accepting electronically signed forms and the impact on proprietary companies with a sole director. For businesses, this is a call to embrace the digital era, offering a more flexible, efficient, and modern approach to corporate documentation. The article is essential reading for legal and corporate professionals navigating the new landscape of document execution, ensuring compliance, and reaping the benefits of digital transformation.


1-11-2023 Ensuring Contractor Payments Despite Supply Chain Chaos

This article addresses the important issue of ensuring contractor payments during supply chain disruptions. It provides a detailed guide on how contractors can protect their finances when external factors, like material shortages and delays, threaten project timelines and payment schedules. The key point is the importance of maintaining thorough records: using date-stamped photos, detailed invoices, and delivery receipts as proof of progress and expenses. The article also discusses the strategic use of litigation to enforce payment obligations, highlighting the need for a strong paper trail. For contractors navigating these uncertain times, the article serves as a guiding light, showing how to secure payments through proactive communication, thorough documentation, and, when necessary, legal action. It emphasises the power of preparation and persistence in overcoming the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions, ensuring contractors receive rightful compensation for their work.


2-11-2023 Who Owns the Plans? Copyright Considerations for Homeowners

Navigating the intricacies of copyright in home construction can be as complex as the building process itself. This article is an essential guide for homeowners and builders on the legalities of plan ownership. It clarifies a common misconception: paying for the construction does not equate to owning the plans. The piece meticulously explains the conditions under which copyright can be transferred from the builder to the homeowner, emphasising the necessity of explicit clauses in contracts. It also provides a roadmap for ensuring that the homeowner can freely modify or extend their property in the future. For those embarking on the journey of building a home, this article is a crucial read to understand the importance of owning your plans and the steps required to secure this ownership legally. It's a powerful reminder to pay close attention to the fine print, ensuring that your dream home remains yours in every sense.


2-11-2023 The Truth About PR: Why It's Just a Popularity Contest

This article sheds light on the world of public relations (PR), portraying it as a strategic communication game rather than a genuine merit-based endeavour. It explores how PR teams use media, social media, and events to shape a positive image for companies, sometimes stretching the truth. The article uncovers common PR tactics like press releases and influencer partnerships, aiming to influence public perception with buzzwords like "sustainable" or "innovative," regardless of their accuracy. It also delves into PR's role during crises, where firms try to control the narrative, occasionally at the expense of transparency. This piece critically examines the PR industry, encouraging consumers to question the motivations behind the messages they encounter and to seek the real story beyond the hype. It's essential reading for those who want to understand how contemporary corporate image-building works and the importance of scepticism in the face of persuasive PR campaigns.


2-11-2023 Why Agile Project Management Works (Or Doesn't) for House Building

Agile project management, well-known in software development, is being examined for its use in home construction. This article explores how agile methods can improve the construction process with their flexible approach. It compares agile's adaptability with traditional project management's structured approach, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in residential construction. While agile can promote collaboration and improvement, integrating it into the highly regulated, sequential stages of home building is complex. The article suggests a hybrid model, using agile for design and planning and traditional methods for construction to ensure safety and compliance. This piece offers a nuanced perspective for those considering agile for home projects, advocating a customised strategy that combines the strengths of both approaches for the best results.


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Construction Process Overview Flowchart

We have just drafted out the entire construction process as a flow chart. You can check it out HERE.

WBS - The Entire New Home Journey

It may be surprising, but we're working on a more detailed version of this using a WBS (work breakdown structure). It covers the entire process of building a new home, from the initial idea of "let's build a home" to the maintenance six months after construction.


Roofing & Flashing Checklist
Enclosed Stage Checklist
Enclosed Stage Checklist
Waterproofing Checklist
Fixing Stage Checklist
Practical Completion Stage Checklist
6 months Defects Stage Checklist

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