When it comes to the discussion of gas or electric appliances there are a few things to consider.

Gas appliances are often more expensive upfront, but can be more energy-efficient and cost less in the long run. Electric appliances may require more maintenance due to their reliance on electricity, but also offer advantages such as being environmentally friendly.

In this article, we will discuss various things to consider before choosing appliances for your new home.

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Home

One important consideration when deciding between gas or electric appliances is which type of appliance best meets your needs in terms of size and efficiency.

Gas vs Electric Efficiency & Cost Analysis

Both gas and electric have varying levels of efficiency when heating water or cooking food; natural gas typically has higher efficiency than electric options.

Also, when considering electricity vs natural gas costs for heating applications like stoves and hot water tanks; natural gas tends to be cheaper for most households over time.

Natural gas appliances can also require higher upfront costs since additional installation components must be purchased unlike fully functioning electricity-only options which require little installation beyond plugging in the appliance into an electrical outlet source.

Environmental Analysis

These days what’s good for the planet is just as important as what’s good for our wallets; so environmental consideration should also play a part in our consideration set while choosing between gas vs electric home appliances.

Natural gas emits 50% less carbon dioxide than coal burning operations which is why it's often cited as one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuel based on its chemical composition; however natural gas still emits some level of Carbon Dioxide post combustion thus making Electric option more favourable in terms environmental impact.

Residential Solar Energy Production has improved tremendously over recent years providing home owners an even cleaner energy production alternative than using grid sourced electricity from local power plants.

The increased availability & affordability of residential solar systems now makes them possible additions to homes wanting true zero emissions from their appliance installations.

Solar energy also provides a way to reduce the peak electrical demand of your home which means you can significantly reduce your power bill.


When considering gas vs electric appliances make sure you evaluate all factors including total cost, efficiency levels & environmental considerations prior making a purchasing decision.