As promised, we've reduced our posting frequency this week. Our primary focus was a discussion centred around construction management, along with a post addressing our perspectives and biases.

The purpose of these posts is to provide you with insights into the roles and responsibilities of construction managers and building supervisors. Our aim is to help you grasp what is considered "normal" in this context, rather than relying solely on the surface-level information often presented by salespeople and construction companies.

We want to clarify that our intention is not to adopt a pessimistic or cynical tone towards project builders and the process.

Instead, we aspire to deliver information to you as realists, offering a balanced view of the construction process. Our belief is rooted in the idea of informing and educating you well in advance of your construction project. This way, you'll have ample time to understand all aspects before you're confronted with time-sensitive, cost-related decisions without a clear understanding of the underlying reasons.

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Blog posts from the week that was

7-11-2023 What Is Construction Project Management? An Overview of the Phases and People Involved

Discover the intricate dance of construction project management, where coordination and control bring structures from plans to reality. Dive into the phases and roles that shape the skyline.


8-11-2023 Hardwired for Hypocrisy: The Hidden Biases Running Our Lives

Uncover the hidden biases that shape your worldview. Learn how to challenge prejudices and make informed decisions with our insightful guide.


10-11-2023 Secrets of Success: What Makes a Great Residential Construction Manager

Discover the blend of hard and soft skills needed for a successful residential construction manager. From planning to team motivation, learn the secrets that lead to on-time, on-budget home builds.


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The Frame Inspection Checklist

Right now, we're working on our frame inspection checklist. This is the second major inspection stage (the base/slab stage is the first), and I believe it's the most important on-site inspection because it affects many structural and aesthetic aspects of your new home.

We hope to have this finished and published by early next week.

Construction Process Overview Flowchart

We have just drafted out the entire construction process as a flow chart. You can check it out HERE.

WBS - The Entire New Home Journey

It may be surprising, but we're working on a more detailed version of this using a WBS (work breakdown structure). It covers the entire process of building a new home, from the initial idea of "let's build a home" to the maintenance six months after construction.


Roofing & Flashing Checklist
Enclosed Stage Checklist
Enclosed Stage Checklist
Waterproofing Checklist
Fixing Stage Checklist
Practical Completion Stage Checklist
6 months Defects Stage Checklist

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