How many sets of plans do you need to lodge?

Certifiers only require one set of electronic plans (PDF format). These include Architectural Plans, Engineering Plans, Soil Test, etc. All paper format documents are scanned into our electronic database. If you are unable to email copies of the plans, you can visit us and drop off your plans.

What is a siting relaxation?

Siting relaxations are applications to the council when you cannot comply with certain criteria of prescribed siting requirements (e.g. closer than 1.5m off side or rear boundary). We would usually justify this by addressing all requirements via letter and obtain this approval as part of our services.

What plans will I need to submit?

This depends on the size of the project. For example if you are planning to build a shed, you would not require as many plans compared with those required if you were building an entire house. Depending on the size and extent of your new or building alteration, the following plans are usually required to obtain approval (note that this is dependent on project; plans need to be to scale):

  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations and sections, roof and wall cladding details
  • Ceiling plan
  • Windows, doors details
  • Structural plans (footings, slab, subfloor, frame, roof details, tie downs, bracing)

Once you lodge your application with the certifier, they will notify you of required plans and documentation to be lodged for buildings approval.

How a long does it take to get building approval?

This depends on the size and type of projects. Electronic applications can be lodged with the building certifier, and can be generally be granted in five days (subject to the certifiers current time frame disclaimers - lead/lag times).

When does QBCC home warranty insurance apply?

Licensed registered Builders undertaking work over $3,300.00 in contract value require QBCC insurance (swimming pools do not require QBCC insurance). You should contact Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) for all enquiries regarding fees and methods of payment. Note: as part of the building approval process and as required by the Building Act 1975, building certifiers must witness evidence of payment of this insurance.

For more information about home warranty insurance please visit the following link:

When is an Owner Builder Permit Required?

Home owners undertaking works within their own residence can do so as Owner Builders. Building work over $11,000.00 in value requires an Owner Builder Permit. If the value of materials and works are less than this amount, an owner builder permit will not be necessary.

For more information about owner builder regulations please visit the following link: