We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

001: James Hardie Wet Area Construction Application Guide (a good AS3740 summary)

002: AIW AS3740 Explained in Drawings & Images

003: AS3750 2010 (not the latest but almost the same as the current version)

004: Understanding Bond Breakers

005: Improving compliance of wet areas (WA)

006: Example Wet Area Waterproofing Inspection Certificate (VIC)

007: AS3740 - Interpretation of Internal Wet Areas

008: Waterproofing practices in Australia for Building Construction (Research paper, it's only 13 pages, stop grunting)

009: Livable Housing Documentation Guide, NCC 2022

010: Extent of treatment of Wet Areas - Parchem Drawing

011: Principles for protection of below ground structure against water from the ground (British Standards)

012: AIW Technical Drawings - AS4654.2 Waterproofing membranes for external above ground use. Design and installation.

013: Danrae: Waterproofing Design & Failures Presentation (also an interesting read)

014: Waterproofing of wet areas - the basics

015: Queensland development code QDC Part 4.5

016: Retaining Walls: How to Waterproof Block Walls