The downloads page serves as a central hub where we gather resources from suppliers and regulatory authorities specific to timber and timber framing. While some of these resources are valuable for comprehensive reading, others are used as references to provide context and best practice knowledge.

We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

001: Timber panelling technical data sheet

002: Finishes for exterior timber

003: Treated pine cladding

004: Residential timber decks

006: Recommendations for the use of treated pine outdoors

007: Timber decks, commercial, industrial & marine

008: Timber retaining walls up to 1m high

009: Timber retaining walls for residential applications

010: Seasoned softwood framing

011:Tongue & groove timber flooring general information

012: Termite management of new buildings

013: Residential timber decks close to the ground

014: Sub floor ventilation

015: Specification of timber products for efficient use and long-term performance

016a: Timber species, properties and uses

016b: Timber species, properties, and uses tables

017: Timber floors pre-installation assessment

020: Residential timber fence best practices

021: Sanding and finishing timber floors

022: LOSP Timber information to understand all about it

023: Timber handrail balustrades

024: Recommendations for use of H3 LOSP-treated pine

025: Outdoor timber performance

026: Truss installation guide

027: Measuring the moisture content of timber

028: Moisture in timber (understanding the effects)

029: Moisture effects on in-service performance

030: Fire hazard properties of timber floors, walls and ceilings (Class 2 to 9 buildings)

031: Acceptable appearance from timber floors

032: Wind tie-down connections, getting it right

033: Separating walls Class 1A buildings

034: Timber treatment brands