We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

Last Updated: 29-01-2024

001: QBSA Fact Sheet from eons ago (still relevant)

002: HIA Technical information sheet - Managing Termite Liability

003: Concrete for Termites: Concrete slabs as Barrier to Subterranean Termites

004: QBCC Termite Management Systems

005: QBCC Standards + Tolerances Excerpt - Termite Management Systems

006: AEPMA Code of Best Practice 2017 (Pest Management Association) - worth reading for perspective!

007: Kordon Termite Management NATSPEC

008: Termimesh NATSPEC

NATSPEC's detail how to install, maintain and ensure compliance of a product, how it complies and to what standards.

009: Termshield NATSPEC

010: QMBA Home Owners Guide for termite management

011: HIA Builders Guide For Termite Management (2004)