We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

Note: Whilst many of these guides are not the latest version, the underlying details have barely changed as all of these guides are in essence abbreviations and summaries of the NCC and references Australian Standards, rewritten into a consumer friendly format.

001: AS4000 General Conditions Of Contract

Note: this standard is principally used in commercial construction rather than residential. Of interest is the specific contract clauses, their effect and the relationships between parties as defined in this document.

002: Guide to Standards + Tolerances - 1999 Building Control Commission

003: VBA Guide to standards and tolerances, 2015

004: VBA Guide to standards and tolerances

005: WA Guide to standards and tolerances 2019

006: TAS Standards and tolerances 2017

007: QLD QBCC Standards and tolerances guide 2019

008: ABCB Mandatory Inspections

009: NSW Guide to standards and tolerances 2017

010: Tolerances for concrete surfaces

011: QLD Government guidelines for inspection of class 1 and 10 buildings and structures

012: Ceiling support at change of direction guide

013: Wattyl Paint Quality Assurance Record-Keeping

014: CSR Gyprock Residential Installation Guide

015: Residential Timber Fences

016: The Mitek Guide to Truss Installation

017: Deck inspection guide

018: Dividing Fences and Trees - Disputes

019: Residential timber fences

020: Residential timber decks

021: Termite management of timber structures

022: AS3740 Waterproofing Visually Explained

023: Timber retaining walls up to 1m high

024: Pryda floor truss installation guide

025: Concrete Block Retaining wall waterproofing

026: QBCC Guide For Preventing Structural Damage

027: Simple Truss Installation Guide