We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.


001: Weathertex fire performance guide to cladding products

002: Hardietex base sheet installation guide

003: Weathertex horizontal batten system for vertical cladding installation

004: Weathertex Weathergroove installation manual

005: Weathertex Weathergroove cavity and steel frame construction details

006: Weathertex Weathergroove direct fix installation details

007: Cladding for Surveyors (UK publication, applies to AU)

008: Cupaclad (cladding) - Brisbane Job


016: Understanding Rainscreen Design

017: Thermal bridging in rainscreen cladding

018: Rainscreen wall performance

019: Rainscreens for residential applications (USA based but the same principles apply in AU)

020: Ventilated rainscreens for improved moisture management

021: Ventillated Rainscreens

022: **Rainscreen Duoslab by Rockwool - Brisbane Job

023: Rainscreens: An established technique for advanced wall construction

024: USG Boral External Wall Systems (inc firewall)

025: Towards more sustainable building designs through the use of rainscreens

026: TREX Cladding including rainscreen

027: A Range of rainscreens