We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

001: CSR Redbook Commercial & Multi Residential

002: CSR Gyprock Residential Installation Guide

003: Finishing & Decorating of Plasterboard Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries AU/NZ

004: Standard 13mm Gyprock Product Data Sheet

005: Knauf Painting & Plasterboard - Overview

006: AWCI Finishing & Decoration Of Plasterboard

007: Rigitone Matrix 10mm round - Acoustic Performance Gyprock - Product Data Sheet

008: Sheen Staining Of Plasterboard

009: Guidelines for protective coatings - marine environments - MWP

010: Paint + Plasterboard - BSA - 2008 (oldie but a goodie)

011: Steel surface preparation - go deep into this topic (deeper than any trade has!)

012: Taubmans Weathertex Specification Sheet

013: Wattyl Solarguard Weathertex Specification Sheet

014: Dulux Weathertex Specification Sheet

015: Dulux protective coating guide for steel surfaces