What are these documents?

The content listed below is for view-only access and is provided solely for educational purposes.

Below is a comprehensive list illustrating the various types of documents you may encounter while constructing your new home. While the specific documents may vary from state to state, their overall purpose remains consistent, employing similar terminology.

We aim to present these documents to you in advance, enabling you to review and understand their functions and the situations in which they are applicable.

Your builder should utilize documents of this nature. These documents are not intended to cause apprehension or concern but rather to clarify the processes occurring at different stages of construction, particularly in response to factors that may impact your site or the construction of your residence.

If you are an owner builder or a builder new to construction and you would like to use these documents, you need to join the Queensland Master Builders Association and pay a yearly membership. Included in your membership is access to the portal to select and use the latest versions of these contract documents.

Below, we have outlined which documents you use and when. Remember that the context for using these contract documents is the construction of a new residential house.

If you are doing a renovation, basic works, simple works then you will use slightly different contract paperwork than what is outlined here.

Which documents are used on almost every building site?

001, 002, 003, 005, 005B, 006,008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 015, 016, 018, 019,

Which documents vary on almost every building site?

004, 007, 013, 014, 017, 020, 021, 022

001: Consumer Building Guide

003: Commencement notice

004: Contractor written advice

005a: CSIRO BTF18 and Declaration

005b: Defects document

006: Engineers specification & confirmation

007: Extension of time claim Contractor to Client

008: Homeowners guide to termite management

009: New homeowners maintenance manual

010: Residential Building Specification

011: Practical completion stage notification

012: Progress claim tax invoice

013: Pool building contract - Level 2

014: Pool specification

015: Trade summary

016: Variation document

017: Period subcontract

018: Residential building contract - Level 2

019: Subcontract Agreement

020: Confirmation of variation instruction

021: Extension of time

022: Request for information