The downloads page serves as a central hub where we gather resources from suppliers and regulatory authorities. While some of these resources are valuable for comprehensive reading, others are used as references to provide context and best practice knowledge.

We consistently refresh this page with the latest resources and frequently cite the listed items and their corresponding reference numbers in our blog posts.

"***" indicates what's "more" relevant and interesting to most people. It's not that all of these resources are uninteresting. I would recommend reading the *** resources first before the others.

001: ***QDC NMP1.1 Driveways Access and Design Of

002: Review of AS2870 Footings & Slabs by Intrax

003: STA Engineers Design Reference Guide for Foundations

004: Engineers Australia Design of Residential Slabs & Footings - South Australia

005: ***Slip resistance of Polished Concrete

006: ***Slip resistance of residential concrete paving surfaces

007: Sound insulation properties of concrete walls and floors

008: Specifying concrete (premixed)

009: Concrete site practices: Steel reinforcement, fibre & prestressing, steel handling & fixing

010: Sulfate resisting cement and concrete (effects of sulfate on concrete)

011: Working safely with wet concrete

012: Removal of mortar, splatters and stains from concrete, masonry, timber, coated steel

013: ***Removing stains from concrete

014: Rendering for small projects

015: Render: selection of, types, procedures & surface finishes

016: Sealers for Concrete flatwork

017: Honed or Polished Concrete Floors

018: Avoiding honeycombing concrete

019: ***Hot weather concreting

020: Specifying low-drying shrinkage and crack concrete

021: Masonry bond strength

022: The supply of moist roadbase materials

023: Mortar mixes for masonry

024: No fines concrete (use cases)

025: Ordering premixed concrete

026: Plastic shrinkage cracking

027: ***Settlement cracking

028: Concreting site practices: handling & placing

029: Skid resistance of residential concrete paving surfaces (the ability to provide friction to tyres)

030: ***Slab edge dampness and moisture ingress

031: Assessing concrete volumes (how to estimate the volume of concrete for projects)

032: ***Avoiding surface imperfections

033: ***Residential concrete driveways and paths

034: ***Cleaning concrete

035: Cold weather concreting

036: Compaction of concrete

037: Concreting site practices: Compaction

038: *** - 519 pages - Complete guide to concrete construction

039: Concrete and Condensation Design Strategies

040: ***Concrete slabs as barriers to subterranean termites

041: Concrete retaining walls

042: Curing of concrete

043: Working Safely with Dry Concrete Materials

044: Drying shrinkage of cement and concrete

045: Durable Masonry Specification Checklist (Marine environments)

046: ***Dusting Concrete Surfaces (fine powder on concrete surfaces)

047: ***Early-Age Shrinkage of Concrete

048: ***Avoiding Early Cracking

049: ***Efflorescence (white salt deposits on concrete surfaces)

050: Energy efficiency in Building Regulations and the use of concrete in housing

051: Concreting site practices: Finishing concrete flatwork

052: ***Concrete Basics: A guide to Concrete practice

053: Guide to Concrete Flatwork Finishes

054: ***Guide to Concrete in Housing

055: Guide to off-form concrete finishes

056: ***Guide to residential concrete floors

057: Reinforced Concrete Design in accordance with AS3600-2009

058: Guide to Tilt-Up Design & Construction

058: Guide to residential slabs and footings in saline environments

059: Safe site delivery checklist (when delivering concrete to a worksite)